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DIN Rail Temperature Signal conditioner and Trip Amplifier

TXDIN1600 Series

Temperature Signal conditioner | TXDIN1600 Series

Temperature Signal conditioner

£213.76 TXDIN1620

5 year warranty CE
  • Simple Configuration Via USB Port
  • Universal Pt100, Thermocouple, mV, mA Input
  • Input Isolation Tested to 500 Vdc
  • Push Button User Trim (TXDIN1620)
  • 3-Wire Isolated Voltage Output (TXDIN1620)
  • Dual Relay Outputs 250 Vac 1 Amp (TXDIN1630)
  • Relay Isolated From Each Other (TXDIN1630)
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Find how signal conditioning works on this link.

Isolation is provided between input and output and all temperature ranges are linear to temperature.

Designed for ease of use, our latest USB interface is fitted for quick and easy configuration. Just connect a standard USB cable between the TXDIN1600 and your PC. Using our free configuration software, your PC will automatically upload the existing configuration data and guide you through any changes you wish to make. To further help save time, the TXDIN1600 does not need to be wired to a power supply during the configuration process, it is powered via the USB interface from your PC.

The TXDIN1620 is also provided with user push button trim, which can be locked during configuration if not required. The range led indicates out of range input during normal operation, during user trim it is used to indicate the stage of trim.

Isolation: Input to output tested at 500 Vdc
Ambient: Operating -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F) 10 to 95% RH non-condensing
Storage: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Approvals: CE tested to BS EN 61326
Dimensions: 17.5 W x 56.4 L x 90 mm H (0.7 x 2.2 x 3.5")
Material: Polmide 6.6
Self Extinguishing Terminals: Screw terminal
Cable: 2.5 mm (0.1") max

Type: 3-wire voltage output with
programmable ranges: 0 to 10, 0 to 5, 2 to 10, 1 to 5, and 0 to 1V
Supply: 15 to 28 Vdc. 10mA max.
Response Time: <500 ms to reach 95% of final value; start up time <3 s
Calibration Accuracy: ±5 mV
Output Drive: 2 mA driving 5 KΩ @ 10V
Protection: Reverse connection and over-voltage protection, max over voltage current 100 mA
User Trim: Raise and lower buttons, active for offset when output is at offset and span, trim lock option

Type: Dual form C relay contacts
Supply: 24 Vdc ±5% @ 40 mA max
Response Time: <500 ms to reach 95% of final value; start up time <3 s
Contact Rating: 250 Vac rms @ 1 A; 30 Vdc @ 1 A resistive load
Trip Type: Individual trips A and B may be set at high or low level, full range setpoint plus adjustable
Ranges: Setpoint programmed on units, covering full range of input
Hysteresis: Set in units
Protection: Reverse connection and over-voltage protection, max over voltage current 100 mA
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Universal DIN rail transmitter with 3-wire isolated voltage output
Availability: 2 weeks
Universal DIN rail trip amplifier
Availability: In Stock
USB Cable
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Note: Supplied with operator’s manual. Configuration software is available for free download from the related links section below. A USB cable with mini-B plug is also required, see to-order table above to purchase.
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