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Heat Flux Sensors for Heat Transfer Measurements


Ultra-sensitive plate heat flux sensor | UHF-HFS-Series

Ultra-sensitive plate heat flux sensor

£290.76 HFS-5

  • HFS-5 Economical sensor for use in R&D heat transfer measurements and thermal systems evaluation
  • HFS-6 Larger sensor for use in buildings thermal evaluation and higher sensitivity
  • UHFS-09 Larger sensor, highest sensitivity and waterproof for use in geothermal studies
  • HFS DAQ as the accessory of HFS series, low-cost data acquisition system to accurately measure the signals outputted from HFS heat flux sensors and their integrated thermocouples
  • For sensor application we suggest OMEGATHERM™ High Temperature and High Thermally Conductive Paste
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Omega's Heat Flux Sensors provide accurate readings, high sensitivity with fast response times. The sensors are rugged and economical. They are ideal for R&D applications ranging from aerospace, industrial processes to building sciences applications. Do not forget to get your Omegatherm high temperature and high thermal conductive paste for mounting.

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Part Number/ Desc.
Availability: In Stock
Economical thermal flow sensor
Availability: 2 weeks
Economical Wide Area Thermal Flow Sensor
Availability: 2 weeks
Ultra Sensitive Plate Heat Flow Sensor
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Availability: In Stock
OMEGATHERM ™ High Thermal Conductivity and High Temperature Paste
Availability: 5 weeks
Thermal flow sensor data logger
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1/2 oz high thermal conductivity paste for quick surface measurements
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