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Low Cost Infrared Thermocouple Plugs Into K type Thermometers


Low Cost Infrared Thermocouple  | OS-88000-K-1200

Low Cost Infrared Thermocouple

  • Durable Construction
  • Plugs Into Any Type K Thermometer
  • Fast 80 msec Response Time
  • Hermetically Sealed Optics


• Non-Contact Scanning
• Quick Verification of Control System Temperature
• Ensuring Products Meet Temperature Specifications

OMEGA introduces a new level in the state of the art for temperature measurement. The OS-88000 handheld infrared probe provides low cost, non-contact measurements of temperatures from -73 to 650°C (-100 to 1200°F) that are independent of emissivity over the range 0.8 to 1.0. As with thermocouples, a chart of either millivolt output or equivalent temperatures as read on a typical thermocouple meter is provided for the full temperature range.

In addition, a calibration adjustment screw allows setting of the OS-88000 for correct point reading of temperatures between -17 to 650°C (0 to 1200°F).

The probe is available in a type K thermocouple output, with an impedance of 3 k ohms, a repeatability of better than ±1% of the readings, an ambient temperature operating range of -17 to 100°C (0 to 212°F), and a field of view of 60°.

Caution: This product and all in the series are not for use in medical evaluations. These products cannot be used to measure body temperature. They are meant for industrial and scientific purposes.
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Handheld Infrared thermocouple, Type K
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