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Miniature Length Sensor

ZMD Series Contact Rotary Encoder

Miniature Length Sensor, Rotary encoder | ZMD Series Contact Rotary Encoder

Miniature Length Sensor, Rotary encoder

£182.00 AU-ZMD0250B

  • Compact Size
  • Quadrature Output
  • Built-In Spring Tensioning
  • Mounts in Any Position
  • 4.75 to 28 Vdc Input Voltage
  • NPN Open Collector Output
  • Measuring Wheel Sold Separately


The ZMD Series miniature length sensor is compact in size and easy-to-use, designed for light to medium duty sensing applications. It features a built-in springloaded torsion arm that provides a simple-to- adjust torsion load, allowing the unit to be mounted in almost any orientation, including upside down. Using a 6" circumference wheel, the ZMD can be used on almost any surface, while operating at speeds up to 3000 feet per minute. The housing is a durable, conductive composite material that will eliminate static build up. Whether you need to measure speed, position, or distances, the ZMD series contact rotary sensor is the ideal solution.

Input Voltage: 4.75 to 28 Vdc maximum for temperatures up to 85°C; 4.75 to 24 Vdc for temperatures between 85 to 100°C (185 to 212°F), reverse polarity protected
Input Current: 100 mA max (65 mA typical) with no output load
Outputs: NPN open collector transistor, 20 mA maximum current
Maximum Frequency: 200 KHz standard
Noise Immunity: Tested to BS EN61000- 6-2; BS EN50081-2; BS EN61000-4-2; BS EN61000-4-3; BS EN61000-4-6, BS EN500811 [Tested with 2 m (6.6') cable]
Symmetry: 180° (±18°) electrical
Quad. Phasing: 90° (±22.5°) electrical
Minimum Edge Sep: 67.5° electrical
Accuracy: Within 0.017° mechanical or 1 arc-minute from true position (for PPR>189)
Maximum Mechanical Speed:
6000 RPM. Higher speeds may be achievable, contact the factory
Shaft Material: Stainless Steel
Shaft Tolerance: +0.0000/-0.0004" (+0.000/-0.010 mm)
Radial Shaft Load: 5 lb., rated load of 2 to 3 lb for maximum bearing life
Axial Shaft Load: 5 lb., rated load of 2 to 3 lb for maximum bearing life
Starting Torque: 0.05 oz-in IP50; 0.4 oz-in IP65
Electrical Connection: 2 m (6.6') cable, (foil and braid shield, 24 AWG conductors). Drain wire internally connected to case
Mounting: Pivot Shaft can be mounted from either side of the housing and is field reversible
Housing: Stainless steel fibers in a high temperature nylon composite
Weight: 142 g (5 oz) typical
Operating Temperature:
-20 to 85°C (-4 to 185°F)
Storage Temperature: -25 to 85°C (-13 to 185°F)
Humidity: 98% RH non-condensing
Vibration: 10 g @ 58 to 500 Hz
Shock: 80 g @ 11 msec duration
Sealing: IP50
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Part Number/Desc.
Availability: 1 week  
Miniature length sensor with quadrature output, 250 ppr. Measuring wheel sold sepatarely.
RoHS compliant
Availability: 3 weeks  
Miniature length sensor with quadrature output, 1000 ppr. Measuring wheel sold sepatarely.
RoHS compliant
Availability: 1 week  
6" (152 mm) circumference urethane measuring wheel
RoHS compliant
Availability: 3 weeks  
6" (152 mm) circumference knurled measuring wheel
RoHS compliant
Availability: 1 week  
Mounting bracket
RoHS compliant
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(1) AU-W100060F 6, £28.00  plus (1) AU-W100060K 6, £27.00  plus (1) AU-ZMD0250B Length sensor with 250 ppr, £182.00  plus (1) AU-ZMD1000B Contact rotary encoder with 1000 ppr, £182.00, £28.00 + 27.00 + 182.00 + 182.00 = £419.00