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Handheld Thermocouple simulator Thermometer with USB  - NOT CE Compliant


Handheld Thermocouple Simulator Thermometer | CL3515R

Handheld Thermocouple Simulator Thermometer

£259.00 CL3515R

  • Handheld Thermocouple simulator Thermometer with USB and RS232 Interface with Windows Software
  • 11 Types of Thermocouples: K, J, T, E, R, S, N, L, U, B, and C (in °C, °F, or K), and mV Signal Output
  • 2 Channels for Thermocouple Temperature Measurement (T1 and T2) with Offset Adjustment
  • Ergonomic Rotary Knob Allows for One-Handed Operation
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The CL3515R is no longer CE Compliant so it cannot be sold to EU countries. Please see the CL540ZA series for possible alternatives or contact our Sales department.

The CL3515R is a handheld calibrator/thermometer with a 4-digit LCD. It is designed to measure and simulate a wide range of thermocouple types: K/J/T/E/R/S/N/L/U/B/C. There is also a -25mV to + 75mV voltage output range.
The thermometer features a dual thermocouple input and an adjustable thermocouple offset.

Thermocouple (Resolution) Measurement Range*:
    K: (0.1°) -200 to 1372°C(-328 to 2501°F)
    J: (0.1°) -210 to 1200°C(-346 to 2192°F)
    T: (0.1°) -250 to 400°C(-418 to 752°F)
    E: (0.1°) -250 to 1000°C(-418 to 1832°F)
    R: (1°) 0 to 1767°C(32 to 3212°F)
    S: (1°) 0 to 1767°C(32 to 3212°F)
    N: (0.1°) -200 to 1300°C(-328 to 2372°F)
    L: (0.1°) -200 to 900°C(-328 to 1652°F)
    U: (0.1°) -200 to 600°C(-328 to 1112°F)
    B: (1°) 600 to 1820°C(1112 to 3308°F)
    C: (1°) 0 to 2316°C(32 to 4200°F)
* According to temperature standard ITS-90.
    Thermocouple Types K/J/T/E/L/U:
    ±(0.05% rdg + 0.5°C) -50 to 1372°C[±(0.05% rdg + 1.0°F) -58 to 2501°F]
    ±(0.05% rdg + 1.0°C) -50 to -250°C[±(0.05% rdg + 2.0°F) -58 to -346°F]
    Thermocouple Type N:
    ±(0.05% rdg + 1.0°C) -50 to 0°C[±(0.05% rdg + 2.0°F) -58 to 32°F]
    ±(0.05% rdg + 0.5°C) 0 to 1300°C[±(0.05% rdg + 1.0°F) 32 to 2372°F]
    Thermocouple Types R/S/B/C:
    ±(0.05% rdg + 2°C) 0 to 1767°C[±(0.05% rdg + 4°F) 32 to 3212°F]
Thermocouple Simulation Range:
    Resolution: 0.1° (1° for R/S/B/C)
    Accuracy*: ±(0.3°C + 10 µV)
* Accuracy is specified for operating temperatures from 18 to 28°C (64 to 82°F) for 1 year, not including thermocouple error.
mV Range: -25 to 75 mV
    Resolution: 10 µV
    Accuracy: ±0.025% + 1 digit
Temperature Coefficient: 0.1 times the applicable accuracy specification per °C from 0 to 18°C and 28 to 50°C (32 to 64°F and 82 to 122°F)
Display: 4-digit LCD with max reading of 19999
Input Connector: Miniature thermocouple socket (SMP type) Power: 9V battery (included)
Battery Life: 17.5 hours nominal with low-battery indicator
Dimensions: 192 H x 91 W x 52.5 mm D(7.5 x 3.5 x 2.1")
Weight: 320 g (0.7 lb)
Environmental Ambient Operating Ranges: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F), <80% RH
Storage Ranges: -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F), <70% RH
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Thermocouple calibrator
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Note: Comes with 2 Type K beaded thermocouples [max temperature 260°C], 9 V battery, TAS transition adaptor, 1 Type K cable, 2 PC interface cables (USB and RS232C), software and operator's manual.
Ordering Example: (1) RSC-TI-30-4-4 Type T coiled calibration cable, £15.25  plus (1) CL3515R Thermocouple simulator/indicator, £259.00, £15.25 + 259.00 = £274.25