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Panel Meter for Batch Control, Frequency, Rate or Total Indication


Frequency counter, ratemeter, totaliser, batch counter | DPF6100

Frequency counter, ratemeter, totaliser, batch counter

£350.00 DPF6100

5 year warranty CE
  • Frequency, Rate,Total, Batch or Time Interval Indication
  • Dual Inputs Allow Frequency Ratio Measurements
  • RS-232C and HI, LO and GO Open-Collector Outputs Standard
  • Analogue Output Optional
  • Dual 8 A Relays (Opt)
  • Parallel BCD Output (Opt)
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The DPF6000 series 6 digit, 1/8 DIN panel instrument can be configured as a frequency meter/tachometer, frequency-ratio meter, period/period-average meter, time-interval/time-interval-average meter, reset stopwatch, and cumulative timer or totaliser/2-stage batch controller. However, the DPF6000 display cannot toggle between rate and total.Two frequency inputs can be used to provide frequency ratio or time-interval measurements only; no other function of the meter can be performed on two inputs.

Maximum frequency input is up to 7 MHz. The display capacity is -99,999 to 999,999 counts, with exponential format up to 9.99 9. Upon ac power loss, the latest reading is automatically saved in non-volatile RAM and is restored upon return of power.

The standard input of the DPF6100 is for two non-isolated TTL/CMOS-level signals with protection to 25 Vdc for use with amplified flowmeter inputs.

The DPF6200 provides a 20 Vdc output at up to 16 mA for direct connection to NPN or PNP open-collector or NAMUR sensors.

A universal signal conditioner board in the DPF6300 and DPF6400 provides sensor excitation plus low level ac signal amplification, coupling, signal isolation to 350 Vp, and jumper-selectable low-pass filtering, debounce time, and hysteresis. AC sensitivity is +10 mV below 1 kHz. The DPF6300 and DPF6400 can be tied directly to low-level passive magnetic pickups (such as turbine and paddlewheel flow sensors), line voltages up to 240 V rms, and NPN, PNP, NAMUR, or contact-closure sensors. The DPF6300 provides signal conditioning on one channel, while the second channel accepts TTL/CMOS input. The DPF6400 provides signal conditioning on both channels.

The DPF6500 accepts 4-20 mA, 0-10, 0-5, or 0-2 Vdc analogue inputs for totalisation/batch control or rate indication with alarms.


Place Order(Specify Model Number)
Part Number/ Desc.
115Vac Powered Units. For 230V or DC power options see notes and table below
DPF6100 Star
Availability: 2 weeks
Meter for 2 TTL/CMOS Inputs. 115Vac powered
DPF6200 Star
Availability: 1 week
Same as DPF6100, with Sensor Excitation for 1 channel. 115Vac powered
DPF6300 Star
Availability: 2 weeks
Meter with Conditioner for One Low Level and one TTL/CMOS Input. 115Vac powered
DPF6400 Star
Consult Sales  
Meter with Conditioner for 2 Channels. 115Vac powered
DPF6500 Star
Availability: 2 weeks
Meter for Analogue mA and Voltage Inputs (1 channel). 115Vac powered

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Part Number

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Note: Comes with complete operator’s manual.
Power and Output Options: (enter part number in table below to order)
Add suffix “-230V” for 230 Vac. Add “-10/32” for 10-32 Vdc
BCD Option: Add suffix “-BCD” for isolated, tri-state, parallel BCD output with connector.
Relay Option: Add suffix “-R” for dual 8 A form C relays for rate alarms or 2-stage batch control. Includes connector. (Not compatible with BCD option).
Analogue Output Option: Add suffix “-A” to model number (not compatible with BCD or relay options)
Ordering Example:  (2) FP-5300 Paddlewheel sensor, £236.000 

Product Manuals:

Download DPF6000/DPF5000 - Input Options
Download DPF6000/DPF5000 - Output Options