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Mini-Type Tuning Fork Level Switch


Piezoelectric Mini-Type Tuning Fork Level Switch | Omega Engineering | LTUM1-3014

£203.00 LTUM1-3014

  • Fork Level Switch with PNP/NPN Output
  • Wide voltage supply range 12-55Vdc
  • No frequent calibration required, easy-to-use, sturdy and durable design. High/low failure safe mode, safe and reliable.
  • Sensitivity adjustment is available for different densities of media.
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The piezoelectric component is used to drive the tuning fork and feedback signal, which produces the resonation on the fork. When the fork comes into contact with a material, the fork will release some frequency signal as feedback. It will be converted into the output of the contact signal when the circuit detects the frequency decrease of the signal.

The product relies on the damping effect by covering the testing material on the tuning fork which reduces the vibration frequency of the tuning fork and outputs a switch signal. Therefore, there is no signal amplification circuit inside, which can eliminate the trouble of frequent sensitivity adjustment due to the material change.


Supply voltage & output: 12~55 Vdc 3 wire PNP/ NPN Output.
Fork length: 40mm
Ambient temperature: -40C~80C
Ambient humidity: 80% RH non-condensed
Storage temperature: -40C~85C
Process temperature: -40C~100C
Process pressure: -1~600PSI (40BAR)
Minimum material density sensed: Liquid:
Density: >/= 0.7g/cm ³ Viscosity:1~10000 cSt
Magnetic testing: Output function test performed by putting magnets near the indicated spot
Vibrating frequency: 1 KHz +/- 10%
Status indication: Green light: indicate power supply. Red light: indicate operating mode
Housing material: SUS304
Fork material: SUS316
IP protection: IP65
Mounting: 3/4" NPT
Electrical Connection: DIN 43650
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SUS316 3/4" NPT Tuning Fork Level Switch
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