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Aerospace & Aviation Solutions

Sensing and monitoring solutions that help projects takeoff.
Aerospace and Aviation Solutions | OMEGA Engineering

Innovative Problem Solving

In the dynamic and demanding environment of the Aerospace and Aviation industry, lives depend on the quality of your equipment. At OMEGA Engineering we take great pride in our process measurement and control products, used everywhere from testing programs to launch operations.

Our depth of expertise allows us to deliver the solutions and technical support the industry requires. Whether it’s an off-the-shelf product or a specially designed and configured solution, we will work closely with you to understand your application needs.



Bridging the Gap with IIoT

Bridging the Gap with IIoT
Over the past decade, the aerospace industry has undergone a tectonic shift. Changes in market power and pricing dynamics are already underway due to the expansion of the commercial aerospace industry. At the same time, advances in technology, digitalization, globalization, and heightened cyber security threats are creating a different set of pressures that are pushing legacy aerospace companies to innovate even further to keep up with nimble competitors.

  • Benefits of Using a Wireless Network and Sensors
  • Wireless Sensors Drive Greater Safety and Innovation
  • Overcoming Barriers to Wireless IIot

Sensors Play a Vital Role in Commercial Space Mission Success
How an aerospace manufacturer increased product robustness and reduced fail rates by 100% by switching from in-house modifications to custom-built sensors.
3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Custom or Off-the-Shelf Sensor
When trying to determine whether an off-the-shelf sensor is the best choice, there are three key criteria a sensor should meet to ensure it will perform with precision and accuracy.

Monitor and Protect High-Value Assets During Storage and Transport
To address the limitations of conventional solutions to protect high-value assets, OMEGA has developed an automated data collection system with wireless sensors. The continuous and proactive monitoring that we provide allows preventative action before damage occurs in sensitive assets, minimizing the impact of any deviations from the specified environment.



Temperature Sensors
for Preflight

High precision sensing equipment for reliable, easy to assemble and extended life preflight applications.

Asset Monitoring

Reliable protection and automated data collection systems for robust asset monitoring.

Automated Manufacturing

Sensing, conditioning and data collection solutions that support reduction in cycle times and innovated aerospace automation.


Monitoring and sensing solutions for test lab, or test chamber environments that provide high integrity and increased safety operations.
When a $250,000 aircraft depends on our motors to VTOL safely, we choose the best sensors for data acquisition!
-Holmes Motion Control
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