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IIoT vs. IoT: What is the Difference?

Whenever there's a discussion about IIoT, a comparison with IoT always exists. What are the upgrades that transform IoT to IIoT? We will break it down for you!

Consumer vs. Industry

The first and foremost difference is the end-user of these two technologies. IoT is for retail consumers. Devices like smart bulbs, voice assistants, and smart vacuums are prime examples. IIoT, on the other hand, is for industries where the emphasis is on collecting data measurement for an intelligent ecosystem between the machinery.

The Focus of Development

IoT aims to provide the homeowner with a higher level of convenience. Having lights that automatically switch on and off, and air conditioners that turn off when nobody is at home are examples of how IoT helps the homeowner have a higher level of comfort while reducing running costs. IIoT is about making the industry more efficient by collecting relevant data metrics that are used to analyze and optimize its operations. The results are not just savings due to optimization but deeper insights into the machinery health that can be used to predict or prevent downtime.

End Devices

The end devices of IoT systems are smart devices that we use daily. These devices include smart assistants, smart thermostats, smartwatches, etc. Hence these are devices that the consumer uses to enrich their lives. The end devices of IIoT are sensors, PLCs, and controllers that work in tandem with machinery to generate data on its operations. These are devices that cannot work directly but integrate with the existing mechanism. Smart machinery is another type of IIoT device that comes preinstalled with monitoring capabilities.

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