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Electrical Calibration Services

Electrical Calibration Calibration of electrical measurement instruments

Calibrate a Huge Range of Digital MultiMeters, Voltmeters, Ammeters and Other Electrical Instruments to Traceable Standards With OMEGA.

The OMEGA Calibration Centre provides an ISO-certified electrical and multifunction tester calibration process, documentation to meet your industry’s standards, and fast turnaround times.

With skilled technicians and a specialist facility, OMEGA UK has all of your electrical calibration needs covered.


A Quality-Certified Process You Can Trust

OMEGA calibrates your electrical devices using an ISO 9001 quality process and calibrators that are traceably accurate to national standards.

First, a calibrator simulates the reference electrical signal. Your ammeter, multimeter, voltmeter or other device then measures the signal. The offset is measured to the required accuracy, and your device is adjusted if necessary.

Your calibrated device is returned to you with full documentation you can use in your audits.

Support for a Wide Range of Devices

Located in Manchester, UK, the OMEGA Calibration Centre also offers:

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If you need fast and accurate multimeter calibration service that is traceable to your industry’s standards, contact the OMEGA technicians today.