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Calibration Services and certificates

Omega's calibration services
Calibration of your measuring instruments and probes

Calibrate Your Temperature, Pressure, and Other Process Control Devices to ISO Certified industry Standards at the OMEGA Calibration Centre in Manchester, UK

The OMEGA calibration centre is here to calibrate your control equipment to traceable standards, with full documentation and fast turnaround times.

Ask our skilled technicians about your calibration requirements today.


Your One-Stop Calibration Shop

OMEGA Calibration services include a wide range of equipment such as:

ISO Certified - Traceable to National Standards

From food production to pharmaceuticals, many industry bodies and regulators require industrial calibration to strict industry standards. With state-of-the-art reference equipment, OMEGA provides a calibration certificate that is fully traceable back to a wide range of standards.

Your calibrated devices are supported by complete documentation, including ISO certificates.

Calibrate OMEGA Devices & More

OMEGA has led the way in process control instruments for over 50 years. We have designed, built, and supported hundreds of different devices. Have your OMEGA equipment calibrated by the experienced technicians who know them best.

Support for a wide range of non-OMEGA devices
We can also calibrate a wide range of non-OMEGA devices and instruments. Simply provide your device specification and our team will be happy to help.

OMEGA Calibration Equipment

Our calibration centre is equipped with a complete range of reference calibrators. Your temperature, pressure, airspeed, humidity, and electrical measuring instruments will be calibrated to traceable national standards. You will also receive full documentation, including ISO certification.

Temperature calibrations
Our calibration services performs calibrations on thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, infrared sensors and other temperature devices ranging from -30° to 1100° Celsius (-22° to 2012° F). Temperatures are generated using a range of instruments, from stirring baths to a furnace. Calibrators include the BB700 Blackbody Infrared series, which calibrate pyrometers to traceable, certified standards.

Pressure calibrations We calibrate devices for measuring pressure up to 600 bars. Equipment at the Centre includes a modular pressure controller, OMEGA gauge calibrators, and a dead weight tester for the highest pressures.

Electrical calibrations
The Centre is home to electrical calibrators for all kinds of devices including voltmeters, multimeters, and ammeters. A key example is our Fluke 5700 multifunction calibrator, the industrial standard for calibrating voltage, current, and resistance.

Humidity calibrations
At the heart of our range of relative humidity calibrators is the OMEGA RHCL-2. It’s a field-proven system that uses optical chilled mirror (OCM) technology to deliver the highest accuracies for humidity ranging from 10% to 90%.

Airspeed calibrations
For customers who need to calibrate airspeed, the Centre’s OMEGA WT4401 bench-top wind tunnel provides a highly uniform flow rate of 25 to 9000 fpm (0.15 to 45 m/s) over a 152 mm (6 inch) test section.

Get Started

For fast, traceable, and certified industrial calibration of your process control devices, get a price and lead time from the OMEGA Calibration Centre today.