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Pressure Calibration Services

Humidity Sensor Calibration
Pressure Calibrator
Calibration of pressure measurement instruments

Calibrate Your Pressure Transducers, Gauges, Load Cells, and Other High-Pressure Sensors to Traceable Industrial Standards at the OMEGA Calibration Centre

Precise pressure measurements are vital to many process controls, in industries such as engineering, transport and utilities among others. However, the offset of your devices gradually drifts over time, leading to inaccurate readings. The answer is regular calibration in a certified lab.

If your pressure readings need to meet strict regulations, our dedicated Calibration Centre can provide the ISO 9001 quality, comprehensive documentation, and fast service you require. Contact our team today.


Pressure transducer and Gauge Calibration

Calibrate a wide range of digital and analogue pressure transducers and gauges with OMEGA.

Typically using a pressure Gauge Calibration Kit with high accuracy up to 700 bars, your gauge or transducer is collocated in a pump and subjected to the required reference pressures.

Differential Pressure Calibration

You can also calibrate differential pressure transmitters, sensors, and similar devices with OMEGA.

One port of the pressure sensor is opened to a controlled atmospheric pressure. Your device is then subjected to the required reference pressures in the pump, and its readings are compared with the calibrator.

Calibrating Other Pressure Sensors

The OMEGA Calibration Centre is also equipped with specialist equipment for calibrating almost any other kind of pressure sensor. Our Lab Calibrator provides traceable reference pressures with 0.0025% accuracy, ensuring your sensors are calibrated to the precise standard you need.

A Skilled Team & ISO Quality Processes

The highly skilled technicians at our Calibration Centre work to certified, ISO 9001 standards to ensure your own quality requirements are met. We can offer:
  • Calibration for OMEGA pressure devices and a wide range of non-OMEGA equipment. Contact us with your device specification to find out if we can help.
  • Comprehensive, audit-friendly documentation to meet the standards you and your industry require
  • Helpful and fast service that won’t hold up your progress.

Find Out More

If you require industrial calibration of your pressure gauges, transducers, differential pressure transmitters and other sensors, the OMEGA Calibration can help.

Talk to our technicians today about how we can meet your requirements.