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Chemical analysis of breath with ION Nose

chemical-analysis-breath Founded in 2015, Fossil Ion Tech was launched in March 2016 with the objective to develop and commercialize a new generation of analytical instruments.

The Ion Nose: Super SESI is its first product. The first prototype was released in September 2016, and the first laboratory was opened in January 2017.

Fossil Ion Tech is developing an ion source that can be coupled with mass spectrometers. This ion source will be specifically used for the analysis of vapors and gas samples.

Ion Nose: Super SESI

Man using the Ion Nose Airborne molecules and metabolites, released naturally, are analyzed by Ion Nose: Super SESI. Chemical analysis of breath is the primary application of the Super SESI. As breath is non-invasive, it presents a very interesting sample.

Humans breathe out to the atmosphere every 20-30 seconds. When a breath is exhaled, it contains nitrogen, oxygen, water, CO2, as well as other components referred to as metabolites. Using the Super SESI, researchers can differentiate between these components.

However, very few biomarkers have been discovered for breath analysis. In developing the Ion Nose: Super SESI, Fossil Ion Tech is hoping to uncover an interesting biomarker, which could finally lead to the expansion of this technology.

High resolution mass spectrometry together with excellent sensitivity enables analysis of breath with unmatched levels of selectivity and sensitivity. Fossil Ion Tech hopes that research will be the primary application for the Ion Nose: Super SESI.

What Makes the Ion Nose: Super SESI Unique?

A specialized analytical chemistry laboratory has to be approached for analyzing the chemical composition. However, it is possible that the specialized laboratory may not possess the necessary equipment to detect what is required.

There are only a few biomarkers for breath analysis available in the market. Today’s technology has not reached the level of maturity, and is rather standard. Fossil Ion Tech is the first company to develop this product.

Being non-invasive is an advantage with the Ion Source: Super SESI. A liquid is ionized, and then the composition of these ions is analyzed with a mass spectrometer. Then a mass spectrometer is taken and the ion source is replaced with another ion source that produces a gas, ionizes it, and transfers the ions to the mass spectrometer.

Primary Applications of the Super SESI

Analyzing the composition of breath is the primary application of the Super SESI.

This application has two parts: identifying biomarkers, which are very few in number; and monitoring of pharmaceuticals.


Ion Nose: Super SESI may find applications in several industries. The research sector and the medical sector are the two main application sectors. Fossil Ion Tech is also planning to modify the Super SESI into a medical device.

The food and beverage industry can also benefit from the Super SESI. Some of the company’s customers are using the Super SESI to monitor the fermentation processes. The Super SESI can also analyze the vapor being emitted in real-time.

How Important is Temperature Control?

The most demanding temperature and process applications can be handled by using the Omega CN7500 series temperature and process PID Controller.

The Ion Nose from Ion Tech Temperature control is an essential part for the Super SESI as well as for Fossil Ion Tech. Molecular analysis dictates an accurate temperature control. Since these molecules have a very low vapor pressure, they are absorbed in the inner walls of our system and tend not to go into the gas phase. In order to ensure that the molecules are released into the gas phase, they have to be carefully heated. Too high a heat could result in burning them up.

Temperature is very important, as it directly relates to the intensity of our system. The Omega controller ensures an accurate and reliable temperature control.

Fossil Ion Tech desires to make breath analysis easy and reliable. Its tool, the Ion Source: Super SESI, provides meaningful results for researchers.

The company has plans to turn the Super SESI into a diagnostic tool for doctors. Rather than providing a blood sample, a patient can provide a breath sample through the Super SESI, so that the doctor can immediately perform diagnosis.

Fossil Ion Tech also desires to make the product more compact and less expensive. Prior to this, it is to be ensured that the information being provided is accurate and of a high quality, and can offer a useful conclusion.

The website can be visited to learn more about Fossil Ion Tech and the Ion Nose: Super SESI.

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